Leckerbaer was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by two pastry chefs, Gabi and Jakob Baer Mogensen, with both having an extensive experience in the Scandinavian Michelin – Star scene. Inspired by how the new nordic cuisine has explored the history and terroir of the region, they set out to make something local and relevant to the Danish setting hence taking the butter cookie as their point of departure. Since then, they have added other baked goods to the selection, all of which are made with the same sense of flavor, craftsmanship, and quality. That is their way of honouring the Danish tradition of great pastry and elegant design.

Each Leckerbaer cookie is a composition in itself, where clean lines meet the clean flavours of seasonal fruits, nuts, chocolate, and Danish licorice. Tiny worlds for everyone to explore, with a delicate size that leaves plenty of room to try more than one. Just like the minimalist logo and design, Leckerbaer’s pastries are restrained, easy on the eye with balanced flavours that steer clear of the overly sweet.

For more information, visit www.leckerbaer.sg

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