Hailing from Downtown Los Angeles, one of the most diverse cities in America, Little Damage is a small family owned business that draws its inspiration from the rich cultural fabric that makes it special. This soft serve brand will keep you on your toes by rotating flavours seasonally throughout the year. Don’t be surprised if it takes you down memory lane while licking your cone of soft serve ice cream!

Little Damage offers unique recipes that allows you to step outside of your comfort zone and get a little adventurous. Preparing our ice cream is a labor of love. We accept only the best taste and to ensure the quality you deserve, we prepare ice cream daily in small batches, using local ingredients supplied by organic dairy farmers. Our signature black cones are naturally coloured with activated charcoal and hand rolled minutes before you get one. True to its slogan, once you lick it, it’s yours!

Little Damage Soft Serve is located in 2 Haji Lane, Singapore 189195

For more information, visit

Caerus Holding Pte Ltd

45 Cantonment Road

Singapore 089748


T: +65 6221 8858

F: +65 6224 8858


Nearest MRT Station:

Outram Park (NE3/EW16)

Exit H