Established in 2014, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is a San-Francisco-based craft bakery that has been credited for the uprising of the cruffin hybrid and the trademark owner of the naming convention. Named after an employee’s cat (Mr. Homes Sr. currently resides in Brisbane, is a very good boy, and doesn’t accept media enquiries), the essence of Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is an irreverence toward tradition since day one. The rejection of convention, combined with classic French viennoiserie, has bred a philosophy of inventiveness and constant and obsessive menu development, getting scores of fans “baked” with seasonal bakes and adventurous adaptations of signature cruffins, croissants, donuts, and more. Moving its narrative forward in a new market in 2021, the love affair with carbs continues, as told by layers and layers of laminated dough.

Today, the Singapore outlet stands as the one and only Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in the world.

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